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Veritech Consulting Engineering

Our team of licensed Professional Engineers provides a thorough and accurate analysis of evidence for attorneys and insurance professionals nationwide. Veritech Consulting Engineering combines technical expertise and state-of-the-art technology to achieve honest, defendable conclusions.

We are committed to professionalism.

Veritech Engineers investigate accidents utilizing physics-based reconstruction methods, computer simulations, “black box” data analysis and 3-D laser and aerial drone-based mapping techniques.

Forensic Engineering

Veritech provides a wide array of forensic engineering services to insurance professionals and attorneys in the areas of product liability, personal injury, and patent infringement issues.

Testifying Experts

Accurate analysis of the evidence is just the beginning of Veritech's expertise. We pride ourselves on our ability to explain complicated concepts in an easy to understand format for the benefit of our clients and eventually to a judge or jury. 

Click on the links below or visit our Testifying Experts page to learn more about our experts.

Mark Kittel P.E. Testifying Expert
Joe Tremblay P.E. Testifying Expert

About Veritech

Veritech Consulting Engineering, LLC specializes in the application of forensic engineering and product failure analysis techniques to accurately reconstruct motor vehicle accidents and various mechanical failures. Our team of experts consists of licensed Professional Engineers who are board certified in forensic engineering and have trial testimony experience. We are centrally located near Denver, CO and work nationwide.

Veritech Consulting Engineering, LLC

4833 Front Street, Suite B, #423

Castle Rock, CO 80104

phone: 303-660-4395
fax: 303-660-4396

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