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Forensic Graphics and Courtroom Exhibits

Veritech Offers In-House Creation of Courtroom Graphics, Demonstrative Exhibits, and Visual Aids

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. We at Veritech have lived by this adage since the founding of the company. The benefit of conveying information in a graphical or illustrative manner is imperative to many of our analyses. Today, with the advancement of computer graphics, illustrative exhibits are used within the courtroom now more than ever. Veritech offers graphics, exhibits, and technical drawings that clearly illustrate and complement our engineering work. We employ these visual aids to illustrate complex issues and components that are relevant to your case or project. 

Forensic Graphics

The term “forensic graphics” refers to the type of visualization that is used in the forensic and scientific fields and in the realm of litigation. These types of graphics are a form of digital forensics, which is generally defined as the analysis of material content from a digital perspective. While digital forensics may encompass items such as computer crimes and digital storage forensics, forensic graphics stands alone as a form of conveying information related to analysis used in litigation. These graphics can be as simple as a photograph depicting certain information, or they could be as advanced as a 3-dimensional model created through laser scanning or using photogrammetry. Depending on the issue, even computer generated videos, or “animations” can be created to re-enact an accident or incident in a way that accurately depicts the analysis performed. Veritech uses state of the art computer-based tools to create our forensic graphics, including the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs for modeling in three dimensions. Our forensic graphics are made to assist  our engineers in presenting scientific and evidence based information in an easy to read and concise manner.

Veritech leads the forensic engineering industry in the reconstruction of motor vehicle accidents, as well as accidents with machinery and other heavy equipment. We have the capability and experience to create computer based simulations of accidents based upon principles of science and physics. Our computer-based simulations accurately depict the accident reconstruction projects and forensic analysis work that we perform. The simulations produced by Veritech are commonly used as courtroom exhibits due to the level of detail and life-like realism employed in creating them. Not only do our forensic simulations convey information to the viewer in an easy to understand manner, they provide an additional level of explanation that is frequently necessary to support our expert opinions.

Semi u-turn crash

Physics Based Computer Simulations

Car crash photogrammetry

Forensic Photogrammetry

Courtroom Exhibits

Veritech's graphics and courtroom exhibits have been admitted into state and federal courts nationwide. Graphics are proven to be a valuable tool in relaying opinions and our engineering-related findings pertaining to a case. Oftentimes, graphics can be used to illustrate a complex technical issue to the layperson in an easy to understand manner that is both effective and efficient. the goal of producing an exhibit that will be admitted into court is to provide a visual aid to be presented to a jury. It is common practice to use these exhibits to discuss important issues relating to a case in litigation, meaning that the exhibit needs to be easy to understand, concise, and accurate. Veritech has produced numerous exhibits that are used in this very manner and have helped attorneys and legal professionals succeed in explaining difficult to understand concepts to judges and juries.

Drone Aerial Imagery

Aerial Imagery and Orthophotography

Wireframe Semi Image

Point Clouds and 3-Dimensional Models

In-House Creation of Graphics and Exhibits

All of Veritech’s forensic graphics, simulations, and courtroom exhibits are produced in-house from start to finish. Our staff includes cross-trained engineers with education in both leading computer graphics software packages as well as physics-based accident reconstruction science. This combination is unique in the forensic engineering industry and allows us unrivaled control over the production of our visualizations. Additionally, this cross-training produces a much better quality product in a more efficient manner. Typically forensic graphics, exhibits, and other visualizations produced by a third party graphics company may be more difficult and expensive to produce, due to the disconnection between the team performing the analysis and the team creating the visual, expressive, even artistic final product. This disconnect can be difficult to overcome, especially when the finished product is scrutinized very closely by opposing counsel and opposing experts. While many animation and graphics companies exist, it is truly exceptional to have the capability to create graphics by an in-house team. Because our visualizations are produced more efficiently than our competitors, our costs are typically lower, saving our customers time and money.


Computer Aided Design of Bogie Wheel

Computer Aided Design And Drafting

3D Model Overlay on Photograph

Demonstrative Aids

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