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Engineering Testing, Research, and Publications

One of the most exciting components of the field of forensic engineering is the ability to perform real-world functional testing on topics related to failure analysis, product liability, and accident reconstruction. Veritech prides itself in our ability to create and execute engineering-related tests on the issues that we analyze. Our testing capabilities are state-of-the-art, and include the use of high sample rate sensors, calibrated metrology equipment, test and measurement systems, and data acquisition systems. We have the experience and education to properly set up and execute advanced tests that are custom designed to answer theories related to forensic engineering and mechanical engineering. It’s important to remain up to speed with current technology and industry trends, and the use of functional testing helps us push the envelope of new concepts, giving us a solid basis for our engineering work.

Veritech's Research

With a strong background in machine design, our engineers are at a significant advantage when it comes to properly developing functional tests. Recently, Veritech’s engineering tests have been designed to research issues related to product failure modes and effects (FMEA), component design including finite element analysis (FEA), and advanced physics based performance characterizations of on and off-road motorcycles and other vehicles. Our research and testing has also included commercial vehicle heavy truck performance characteristics, performance of heavy trucks in adverse winter conditions, and the use of photogrammetry and videogrammetry in accident reconstruction.

Veritech's Publications

In an effort to share knowledge and information, Veritech engineers have a long history of both presenting our engineering testing findings to groups within our industry, as well as publishing technical articles with results of functional testing that we’ve discovered through our own in-house research. Our publications have been published with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the prestigious National Academy of Forensic Engineers (NAFE). We strongly believe that it is to everyone’s benefit that new technology, concepts, and information be shared with everyone, and we’ll continue to push the envelope of forensic engineering and accident reconstruction to improve our areas of expertise to that end.

Selected Publication White Papers by Veritech Engineers

Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction Paper
Shooting Glasses Paper
Photogrammetry Paper

Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction

A review of the topic of reconstructing motorcycle crashes, off-road dirt bikes, and other two-wheeled vehicles. Topics such as rider awareness, visibility, perception reaction times, pre-impact dynamics, and impact to rest sequences are discussed.

VORAD Analysis of Recorded Data

The Eaton Vehicle On-Board Radar (VORAD) system is now owned and licensed by Bendix. This is a system that is utilized by heavy trucks, semi tractor-trailers, and other commercial vehicles. This system is a driver’s aid that is designed to improve awareness of impact related events. This paper outlines the research performed by Veritech on using this system as an accident reconstruction tool.

Forensic Engineering Analysis of Safety Shooting Glasses

An outline of the standards in place that define the impact related issues with safety glasses, as well as a description of the testing involved to qualify these types of protective eyewear, from the perspective of forensic engineering.

Extracting Physical Evidence from Photographs

The science of photogrammetry and its usage in forensic engineering, accident reconstruction, and even product liability. Photogrammetry and videogrammetry are powerful tools for use in a wide range of scientific fields.

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