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Ted Archuleta

Forensic Animator
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Mr. Archuleta specializes in:

  • Forensic Animations

  • Forensic Graphics

  • Visibility Studies

  • Sight Line Analyses

  • Video matching

  • Photogrammetry

Ted Archuleta

Mr. Archuleta is a forensic animator who specializes in creating physically accurate 3D animations, models, and graphics for use in litigation. These are then used to demonstrate time/space analysis of events, visibility issues, as well as patent disputes or product failure analysis. Mr. Archuleta has had animations, models and graphics admitted to federal and state courts.


As a forensic animator, Mr. Archuleta has attended dozens of vehicle and scene inspections, involving trains, passenger cars, tractor/trailers, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians. Mr. Archuleta works directly with the engineering team to document evidence for use in the recreation and analysis of client deliverables. Mr. Archuleta also specializes in Photogrammetry, a process involving the extraction of 3D data-sets from overlapping 2D photos. With this information Mr. Archuleta uses Photogrammetry to create accident scene diagrams or to determine undocumented distances or locations of evidence at an accident scene. He can also use Photogrammetry for precisely measuring the crush depth on vehicles involved in the accident (which assists Veritech's engineers in determining vehicle speeds). Finally, Mr. Archuleta is skilled at analyzing surveillance video or dash cam footage, to obtain additional information for his engineering team to use when they are compiling evidence to support their opinions.


Prior to utilizing his skills for producing forensic animations, Mr. Archuleta used LiDAR, CAD, and 3D Studio Max  to create HAER documents, 3D animations, and 3D models of dozens of historical sites around New Mexico, Colorado and Texas. His work was also featured in a 2003 cover story POB Magazine, regarding the use and future of laser scanning technology. Mr. Archuleta has over 15 years of animation, drafting, and graphics experience.


Some of Mr. Archuleta's work has been featured locally on Denver news affiliates NBC, CBS, and Fox, as well as nationally on MSNBC and CNN.

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