Motorcycle accident reconstruction requires specialized training and a thorough understanding of the dynamics and operation of motorcycles. Many so called experts list motorcycle accident reconstruction in their areas of expertise with some never having the experience of even riding a motorcycle. While each accident has specific that needs to be evaluated, there are 4 common stages of a motorcycle accident sequence:

  • The Braking Phase - The braking phase may consist of tire skid marks which need to be evaluated as originating from the front tire, the rear tire, or a combination of both. Understanding motorcycle operation and its reaction to inputs is critical to properly evaluate braking evidence.

  • The Sliding Phase - The sliding phase must be evaluated as to the severity of scrapes or gouges on the road surface as well as evaluating the damage to the motorcycle as a result of sliding.

  • The Impact Phase - The impact phase often requires an understanding of the design and construction of the motorcycle’s components in order to accurately evaluate the damage associated with an impact.

  • Post-Impact to Rest - Understanding the physical evidence related to the post-impact behavior of both the motorcycle and the rider is important in determining the motorcycle's speed and trajectory.

Veritech Engineering’s motorcycle expert has over 20 years of experience riding and road-racing motorcycles at a professional level, combined with 8 years of experience working for a major motorcycle manufacturer as a product development engineer for motorcycles, ATVs and UTVs. This unique and highly specialized experience gives Veritech's expert unmatched qualifications in the realm of motorcycle accident reconstruction.

Please contact Veritech's motorcycle expert, Mark Kittel, P.E. at 303-660-4395 to discuss your case and receive a free initial consultation with honest and candid comments.

Mark Kittel, PE

Mark Kittel, P.E.

Principal Engineer