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Veritech Consulting Engineering, LLC specializes in the application of forensic engineering and product failure analysis techniques to accurately reconstruct accidents and mechanical failures. Our team of accident reconstruction experts consists of licensed professional engineers with over 50 years of combined experience. We are centrally located near Denver, CO which affords us easy access to all areas of the country. Veritech’s Professional Engineers are licensed in multiple states and have investigated motor vehicle accidents and mechanical related failures all across the country (see a map of where we work). From initial contact through trial testimony, our experts have the knowledge and experience to meet our clients’ needs by providing the highest quality forensic engineering service and timely returns on our evaluations. Our experts pride themselves on providing a complete and thorough analysis of the available evidence and presenting their findings in a clear and concise manner so that complicated engineering principles can be easily understood. We have been qualified to provide expert witness testimony, in both state and federal courts nationwide in the areas of: vehicle accident reconstruction, product failure analysis, product liability, forensic animations as well as design evaluation and patent evaluation. Veritech Engineering understands the need to quickly and accurately document evidence when an accident occurs. We offer rapid response services at no additional cost and can have “boots on the ground” within hours of an accident when required. Our experts have the knowledge and training to perform an accurate and thorough accident investigation and analysis including 3-dimensional laser survey of the accident site as well as the retrieval and analysis of “black box” data. Please contact us today by phone at (303) 660-4395 or use the contact us link to submit a new job request online.

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