New invention flashes motorcycle brake lights

A motorcycle accident led a college student to a good idea, and now it’s gaining traction with investors and is targeted at the motorcycle industry as a whole.  The newly developed product is called GearBrake.  The module connects to the existing wiring of a motorcycle’s rear brake light and causes the brake light to flash when deceleration or engine braking is detected in order to give other drivers extra time to react in traffic. GearBrake’s invention recently beat out three other finalist companies in late November to win a Vogt Award, a $100,000 prize, that aims to spur new manufacturing-based businesses, create jobs and boost economic development.  It was the second win last month for GearBrake as they previously scored $5,000 at the Kentucky Angel Investors competition for new business. GearBrake plans to seek an endorsement from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), and hope their light will become as standard on motorcycles as the rear windshield light is on car and pickup truck rear windshields.  GearBrake also plans to approach manufacturers to add the module as custom feature, and reached a deal recently with Janus to add the module as an upgrade on its bikes starting next year.

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