Joseph M. Tremblay, P.E.

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Forensic Engineering, Vehicle Accident Reconstruction, Product Failure Analysis

Joe Tremblay is a mechanical engineer specializing in vehicle accident reconstruction, engineering design, and mechanical failure analysis. Mr. Tremblay’s expertise originates from his career as a product development engineer specializing in design of robotics for the healthcare field. Additionally, Mr. Tremblay has worked as a systems test engineer for a major aerospace company under contract by the United States Department of Defense. Mr. Tremblay’s product development and testing experience has helped him develop a strong aptitude in mechanical analysis and machine design.

As a forensic engineer, Mr. Tremblay has developed models to simulate vehicular dynamics of commercial tractor trailers in adverse weather conditions and has utilized complex three-dimensional computer analyses to simulate vehicle motion before, during, and after an accident. Mr. Tremblay post-processes vehicle motions to develop scientifically accurate forensic animations for use in conveying motor vehicle accident events and effects. Mr. Tremblay investigates product liability claims ranging from large scale industrial machinery accidents to consumer oriented products for cause and origin of component failures. Mr. Tremblay continues to research vehicular dynamics and machine design and enjoys presenting new technologies and methods to insurance professionals, attorneys, and fellow engineers.


  • Professional Engineer in the state of Colorado
  • Federal Aviation Administration Licensed Drone Pilot





  • B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado at Boulder



  • ASME – American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • SAE – Society of Automotive Engineers, Member

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