Scissor Lift

Scissor Lift – Veritech Consulting Engineering, LLC.

Scissor lifts are an extremely useful, and often essential, piece of equipment for construction and maintenance operations.  While one fairly obvious danger of this equipment is falling from a substantial height, their relative ease of use can disguise some other potentially fatal dangers.  Issues such as crushing hazards from above (as the lift raises against a ceiling or exposed pipes), contact with electrical lines, or tip-over while traversing uneven terrain are some of the not-so-obvious hazards.  While the majority of these accidents may initially seem to be caused by lack of proper training or operator error, our experience shows that the proper maintenance and functionality of the equipment can also be contributing factors.  Veritech Engineers are experienced at evaluating the proper functionality and operation of scissor lifts as well as other construction related equipment.

With the wide variety of experiences and backgrounds of our Professional Engineers, we are able to evaluate the functionality of the various mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems employed in equipment such as scissor lifts.  Additionally, members of our staff have been trained and certified by an OSHA compliant training facility in the proper operation of scissor lifts and fork lifts as well as having general operational experience with wheel loaders, back hoes and rough terrain forklifts.

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