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The F150 Lightning is Revolutionary

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

The emergence of electric vehicles in the main stream automotive market is surely causing a stir. As more and more manufacturers come out with new electric vehicles, consumers are becoming polarized to the number of options available, and while some are ecstatic, others are lamenting on the loss of internal combustion engines. To be sure, it is apparent that the majority of consumers welcome the idea of electric vehicles, primarily due to the promise that electric vehicles come with a reduction in operating costs, fuel, and maintenance. Also, those who see a greener future with electric vehicles, albeit at the cost of new environmental challenges from the production and consumption of resources related to battery and electrical components consumption. Regardless, many consumers are focused directly on Ford and their new F150 Lightning pickup truck. This truck is a milestone for Ford, considering their current internal combustion engine version of the F150 is the best selling truck ever, with over 40 million on the road thus far. The electric F150 Lightning has rather large shoes to fill. One of the biggest obstacles that Ford had to overcome with the F150 Lightning was to make it easily acceptable by most truck users, in both appearance and functionality. The demands put on pickup trucks include the ability to carry a heavy payload, tow a significant amount of weight, and remain comfortable and use-able on a daily basis. Considering the numbers of the new F150 Lightning, it is apparent that the truck will be just as usable as the ICE F150. Ford claims that the F150 Lightning will be able to carry over 2200 lbs payload on a daily basis. The maximum towing capacity is rated at 10,000 lbs, which is acceptable for the vast majority of truck buyers, and puts the F150 Lightning in a competitive spot compared to internal combustion engine counterparts. As for range anxiety, consumers should not be concerned. The F150 Lightning has a range of 320 miles, which is competitive with other electric vehicles. While this is pathetically low in comparison to an internal combustion engine-equipped F150 with an extended range tank, think of it as the room for improvement in future iterations of the electric truck. In fact, range limitations in general must be improved for all electric vehicles before they can be taken seriously by all consumers. Regardless, the new F150 Lightning is an exciting new vehicle that will be a favorite of many buyers in the near future.

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