Failure Analysis / Product Liability

Mechanical Failure Analysis and Product Liability Experts

Machines and mechanical systems have become increasingly intertwined in our everyday work and personal lives; from simple powered hand tools to complicated industrial equipment, humans are constantly interacting with and depending upon machines. When a mechanical component or system malfunctions, it can often result in severe injury or death for the machine’s operator or for others nearby.  Mechanical failure analysis of individual components and complete system failures requires a high level of engineering knowledge and experience, combined with keen investigative and analysis skills, to fully understand the failure mode as well as the cause and origin of the failure. Veritech’s team of licensed Professional Engineers rely on their extensive education, training and experience in manufacturing, product development, mechanical engineering and forensic analysis to perform comprehensive investigations and analysis of mechanical failures. We have found that mechanical failures can often be attributed to design defects, manufacturing defects, operator misuse, improper maintenance or a combination of these factors. In addition to having a thorough understanding of design and manufacturing processes, Veritech’s engineers also understand the tools available to reduce or eliminate the consequences of a foreseeable failure; such tools include “failure modes and effects analysis” (FMEA), the “design hierarchy”, and “life cycle analysis”.  With several, highly qualified engineers on staff, we have the advantage of using a team approach on larger, more complicated projects which enables us to draw on over 50 years of various engineering experience to ensure that our comprehensive failure analysis incorporates multiple viewpoints so that no detail is overlooked.

The following is a partial list of the various failure analysis projects our engineers have investigated in the past


Vehicle Components

Wheels and Tires
Brake Systems
Steering Systems

Industrial and Construction Equipment

Airline Equipment
Skid Steer Loaders
Hydraulic Lifts
Rough Terrain Forklifts
Front-end Loaders

Consumer Products

Plastic Chairs
Power Tools
Bicycle Tires/Wheels
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Veritech Engineering employs experienced, licensed Professional Engineers who provide forensic engineering analysis and expert testimony in the areas of:
  • Accident Reconstruction
    Accident Reconstruction by Licensed Professional Engineers

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  • Black-Box, Airbag Module Downloads
    Black Box Downloads to Access Pre-Crash Data

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  • Product Failure Analysis
    Mechanical Failure Analysis and Product Liability Experts

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  • Patent and Design Evaluation
    Design Review and Patent Evaluation by Licensed Professional Engineers

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  • Forensic Animations and Graphics
    Forensic Animation and Graphics to Convey Engineering Opinions

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  • 3-Dimensional Laser Survey
    3-Dimensional Laser Survey for Documenting Accident Sites

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