Heavy Truck ECM Data

Interpretation and Analysis of ECM Data by Professional Engineers

The engine control modules (ECM) utilized in most commercial vehicles have the capability to record and store potentially valuable pre-crash information.  While the downloading of a truck’s ECM may provide information related to the vehicle’s speed, braking and other parameters prior to an accident, it is important to understand that the ECM was NOT designed primarily as a data recording device to aid accident reconstructionists.  Rather, it’s primary purpose is for the management of engine functions. As such, the extraction and interpretation of data from an ECM requires substantial knowledge and experience in order to avoid some of the common errors such as erroneous speed reports and inaccurate time segments, associated with some of these recording devices.  To complicate matters further, there are often numerous reports available from an ECM download.  Some of these reports can contain extremely valuable information related to the vehicle’s status just prior to an event while other reports are basically useless from an accident reconstruction viewpoint. Veritech engineers are trained and experienced at interpreting and understanding the vast amount of data contained in an ECM report and we can help guide you as to which reports may contain valuable information.

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