Black Box Data Downloads

Black Box Downloads to Access Pre-Crash Data

Passenger vehicles have evolved into very sophisticated machines which utilize multiple computerized systems to ensure the vehicle operates correctly.  Modern vehicles are equipped with multiple computer systems which monitor and control various systems such as airbags and passenger restraint systems, traction and stability control systems, anti-lock brake systems and engine control systems.  Many of these computers have the capability of storing information related to the operation of the vehicle which can often be accessed, post-accident, to aid in the reconstruction of an accident or event.

Many of the systems, such as Heavy Truck EDRs, while capable of recording and storing pre-crash data, were primarily designed to monitor and record information relevant to service and/or repair personnel.  As such, the useful data available to accident reconstructionists varies based upon the vehicle’s manufacturer as well as the vehicle’s intended application.

Various manufacturer’s systems record different operating parameters and store the information for varying lengths of time.  The interpretation of the recorded data is not always obvious; as such it requires an understanding of the system’s limitations and idiosyncrasies.  Veritech engineers are trained and experienced in the extraction, interpretation and handling of the data recorded by most common systems.  Please follow the links below for more information related to some of the more common “black box” systems utilized in motor vehicles.