The field of forensic engineering, from a mechanical engineering perspective, is composed of two distinct disciplines:


  1. The investigation and reconstruction of accidents involving vehicles or machinery

  2. The analysis of products or components that fail to perform as expected

When a product fails, or an accident occurs, the result can be large financial loss, serious injury or death.  In these cases, a forensic engineer is often called upon to determine the cause of the failure or the events leading up to the accident. Veritech engineers are selected for their unique and varied backgrounds which enable them to approach complicated problems from several different viewpoints to ensure thorough and accurate solutions. 


In addition to accident reconstruction and failure analysis, our engineers are qualified to provide engineering consultation on matters such as design evaluation and patent review, as well as providing independent testing and evaluation of consumer products. Our extensive experience in forensic engineering matters includes investigations ranging from typical motor vehicle accidents to unique incidents involving medical equipment failures, construction accidents and various manufacturing or design defects.

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