Dr. Jeff Ball

Dr. Jeff Ball, PhD; PE

Principal Engineer and Founder
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Dr. Jeff Ball, founder and co-owner of Veritech, is a licensed engineer who specializes in mechanical engineering design, motor vehicle accident reconstruction, and patent infringement evaluation. After graduating from the United States Air Force Academy as a pilot, Dr. Ball continued his educational journey and attained his M.S. in Engineering from Purdue University and a Ph.D. in Engineering Science from Oxford University. Soon after, he returned to his alma mater as both a flight instructor and a Professor of Mechanical Engineering. He taught courses on machine design, product design, automotive engineering, thermodynamics, statics, strength of materials, and dynamics. As a pilot, Dr. Ball flew supersonic fighters and gliders and later instructed young cadets. During his time with the United States Air Force, Dr. Ball also supervised Air Force cadets in the design, testing, and operation of race cars for the Society of Automotive Engineers’ (SAE) Formula Competition and the SAE Mini Baja Competition. He also conducted research, modeling, and testing on internal combustion engine performance and directed a research project for the USAF on alternative powerplants for unmanned aerial vehicles. Finally, as a graduate of the USAF Accident Board President Course, he is certified to conduct aviation accident investigation for the Air Force.


As a principal forensic engineer, Dr. Ball has extensive experience analyzing and providing expert testimony for cases involving commercial vehicles, trains, motorcycles, automobiles, aircraft, and machine failures. Dr. Ball has provided expert testimony in product failures that involved both specific pieces and complicated mechanical systems in consumer products and commercial equipment. He also has ample experience in patent litigation, drawing from his  training, education, and experience to provide an engineering perspective to the claim. 


Dr. Ball specializes in:

  • Trains

  • Aircraft and Aviation

  • Patent Infringement Evaluation

  • Product Liability

  • Automobiles

  • Commercial Vehicles

  • Pedestrians


Registrations and Certifications:

  • Professional Engineer in the states of Colorado and Mississippi

  • Graduate of the United States Air Force (USAF) Accident Investigation Board President Course, certified to conduct aircraft accident investigations for the USAF