Veritech’s team of Professional Engineers have worked on numerous cases involving mechanical design and patent evaluation.  We have extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of product development and manufacturing methods which gives us valuable insight into potential design and manufacturing pitfalls. Whether you need an independent evaluation of a single part or a complex mechanical system, Veritech’s engineers have the experience and knowledge to assess a current design, identify potential weaknesses and propose design modifications and improvements as necessary.

In addition to design reviews, Veritech’s engineers also have extensive experience in the evaluation of patent infringement and trade secret claims.  We understand that the interpretation of the language in a patent can make or break a case.  Veritech’s Professional Engineers have worked on numerous patent cases and patent infringement claims. We provide honest, unbiased interpretation of patent language from an engineering perspective to reach defendable opinions and convey those opinions in a clear and concise manner.

Please contact one of our licensed professional engineers at 303-660-4395 to discuss your case and receive a free initial consultation with honest and candid comments.

Mark Kittel, PE

Mark Kittel, P.E.

Principal Engineer

Joe Tremblay, PE

Joe Tremblay, P.E.

Senior Engineer