New Electric Vehicle Charging Format Coming

News from the electric car front includes an update to the charging system that will soon be offered at charge stations. The current standard, dubbed CHAdeMO, provides a fast charge rate and the plug used for the CHAdeMO charge port is used in many electric cars manufactured today. CHAdeMO 3.0 is the newest version of this charging standard and is set to increase the charge speed for electric vehicles, reducing the time to charge an electric vehicle’s battery pack. The new technology is reportedly capable of charging at up to 900kW, which is significantly faster than the current CHAdeMO charge rate. The new standard for quick charging is called ChaoJi. CHAdeMO 3.0 is currently being developed for China’s electric vehicle market. China currently has the largest electrical vehicle market and upgrading the charging systems from current CHAdeMO to CHAdeMO 3.0 would likely be less expensive in China’s market, due to the scale of the market.

Regardless of where the technology will be rolled out first, the results of the charge rate testing are promising. Based upon early testing of the CHAdeMO 3.0 system, a 250 mile electric vehicle could recharge completely in about 10 minutes. In fact, if and when automakers begin using an 800 volt battery system in their electric cars, charging rates could potentially double, to approximately 500 miles of range in 10 minutes. Compared to current technology, these charge rates are significantly faster, however since electric vehicles currently on the road are not capable of such charge rates, any upgrade to a charging system’s structure would have to include some sort of backwards compatibility. CHAdeMO 3.0 developers promise backwards compatibility with slower, less technologically advanced electric vehicles when the 3.0 system is released. In addition, adapters for archaic charge ports to adapt to the CHAdeMO 3.0 ports will also be available.

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