Bosch CDR Version 16.0.1

A new CDR software patch is now available for downloading from the Bosch Diagnostics website. Changes for CDR version 16.0.1 include:

2015 Ford Fiesta – changed EDR translation memory locations for RCM software part number AV1T-14C028-CB

2015 Ford Transit & Transit Connect – resolved an error opening a CDR file on some vehicles where a fault code was recorded in an EDR record

Refer to the “What’s New in this Version” section of the CDR help file for details.

Please visit our website and click on the link (CDR v16.0.1) to download the patch:

Current Release

CDR v16.0 System Software

CDR v16.0.1 Software Patch (requires installation of 16.0)

Note: You MUST have CDR v16.0 installed prior to installing the CDR v16.0.1 software patch. You do not need a new activation certificate.

The Bosch CDR system supports select airbag modules for vehicle as far back as 1996. To see if the pre-crash data from your vehicle’s airbag module can be downloaded please see the BOSCH CDR Coverage List. Veritech engineers utilize the Bosch CDR system as an important tool to aid in performing vehicle accident reconstructions. Airbag modules are capable of recording valuable pre-crash information, such as vehicle speed, brake application and seatbelt usage, but are not capable of telling the entire story. Accident reconstruction engineers must still consider all of the available physical evidence, along with the ACM data, in to order to properly reconstruct an accident. Veritech Consulting Engineering employs Professional Engineers who are specifically trained and certified in the use of the Bosch CDR system and have performed numerous accident reconstructions utilizing airbag module information. Click on the following link for more information on “black box” technology.