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Zero Motorcycles: 2014 a ‘record’ year for sales

Zero Motorcycles announced that it finished 2014 with “record sales and is poised for dramatic growth in 2015.” The company did not reveal financial numbers, but summarized that it added seven new distributors in 2014 and plans to add others in the next 12 months. In the fleet sales area, more than 50 U.S. police departments are now using Zero motorcycles, including those in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, the company said. “Our police and authority partners consistently praise Zero patrol motorcycles for their stealth, maneuverability and low maintenance, while the local communities they serve also appreciate the quietness and move to a more sustainable mode of transportation,” said CEO Richard Walker. “We see huge opportunities for continued growth in this area.”  “Our business is headed in the right direction and the market is starting to come to us,” said Zero Vice President of Global Marketing Scot Harden. “Recent announcements by some of the larger motorcycle manufacturers, and our own experience, confirms the movement toward electric power is building momentum.” Zero’s 2015 lineup includes four consumer models, three police/authority bikes and one military spec version. All received major upgrades for the 2015 season.  Zero also licenses its powertrain technology for outside commercial applications.

California Police Departments Testing Cost-Effective Electric Motorcycles

USA Today reports that more police departments are trying out electric motorcycles. According to an article posted on Oct. 30, 2013, the San Mateo California police department has purchased one Zero electric motorcycle. San Mateo is joining several other California police departments in the San Francisco Bay Area in trying out the new, recently-developed motorcycle. It’s supposed to have various advantages over its gas fueled competitors, including, of course, a much lower cost to run. The bikes were specifically designed for law enforcement agencies, and are reported to be highly maneuverable in traffic. Their battery holds enough of a charge to last a police officer’s entire shift. According to Zero’s vice president, John Lloyd, “Police Departments are continuing to select Zero Motorcycles to be added to their fleets because the motorcycles have been developed from the ground up to meet the requirements of law enforcement agencies around the world.” For more information about Zero and their innovative line of products, click here. They have a compelling infographic titled, TOP 15 THINGS YOU’LL NEVER DO AGAIN. One of them is pump gas. Take a look here. Perhaps the most impressive advantage of these vehicles is that they cost about a penny per mile to run! In these days of ever-rising gas prices, that can’t be beat.  San Mateo’s Deputy Chief praised the Zero in a public statement, saying, “The Zero Police Motorcycle provides the solution that allows our officers to provide security without the intrusive odors and loud noises of traditional police motorcycles.” No one can argue with the idea of less intrusive odors on our nations roadways, but the loud noises the Deputy Chief referred to are one of the aspects of motorcycles that may keep a cyclist safer on the road. It’s been shown that car drivers frequently fail to see motorcyclists, because they are so much smaller, and this leads to accidents. Because of their quietness, electric motorcycles have created a fair amount of controversy. What impact will their introduction onto our roadways have in terms of automobile versus motorcycle accidents? We’ll talk more about this in our next post, so stay tuned.