UTV Accident Reconstruction

UTV Accident Reconstruction and Failure Analysis by a Former R&D Engineer

Utility-terrain vehicles (UTV), also known as Side-by-Side Vehicles (SSV) or recreational off-highway vehicles (ROV), are a relatively new category for off-road manufacturers.  ATV manufacturers such as Yamaha, Polaris and Kawasaki, among others, have discovered a market for these Side by Side’s as a “family friendly” ATV and as a way for multiple passengers to share in the off-road experience.  Recent developments in the Side by Side category have yielded “sports” versions which are capable of speeds in excess of 70mph.  Side by Side accident reconstruction requires an understanding of the significant speeds and terrain capabilities of UTV’s which pose a unique challenge for the development engineers to ensure that these compact off-road vehicles can be operated safely by all users, regardless of their experience level.

While working for one of the leading major off-road vehicle manufacturers, our power-sports expert gained first-hand experience and knowledge in the product development of Side by Side vehicles, and holds a patent for a unique suspension system designed for UTV’s.  This first-hand product development experience provides valuable insight into the challenges and compromises faced by the development engineers of UTV type vehicles.  Our Side by Side accident reconstruction analysis incorporates this extensive product development knowledge to aid in the reconstruction of accidents and product failures involving Side-by-Side vehicles.  Some of the common problems associated with Side by Side accidents include:  Handling and Stability issues, functionality of Safety Systems such as roll cages or ROPS (Roll-Over Protection Systems), as well as leg, arm and neck injuries sustained during a roll-over or tip-over accident.

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