PWC Accident Reconstruction

PWC Accident Reconstruction and Failure Analysis

Personal WaterCraft (PWC) and boating accidents pose a particular challenge for accident reconstructionists due to their general lack of physical evidence left at the scene (there are no skid marks to determine speed or direction).  Our experts understand that many inexperienced PWC operators may fail to realize the handling characteristics and dynamics of these small, powerful and nimble machines; such as remembering that throttle application is required for steering control.  Veritech engineers have the experience and understanding of PWC operation to assist in the reconstruction of PWC accidents.

Furthermore, our lead powersports expert has 8 years of experience working for a major powersports manufacturer, including the product development of PWC’s.  This experience provides a unique insight into the challenges and compromises required during the development process.  Please call us today for a free initial consultation with one of our highly qualified Professional Engineers.

Please contact our PWC expert, Mark Kittel, P.E. at 303-660-4395 to discuss your PWC accident reconstruction case and receive a free initial consultation with honest and candid comments from our highly qualified, licensed Professional Engineer.

Veritech engineering employs experienced, licensed Professional Engineers who provide forensic engineering analysis and expert testimony for off-highway vehicle accidents involving: