3-D Laser Survey

3-Dimensional Laser Survey for Documenting Accident Sites

As part of our accident investigations, Veritech engineers utilize data obtained during accident site inspections as part of the foundation for our engineering analyses. These site inspections often include the documentation and measurement of available physical evidence along with visibility studies, lighting studies, traffic surveys, and the documentation and analysis of traffic control devices. Whether the incident occurred hours ago or years ago, Veritech’s team of highly qualified engineers can visit an accident site and obtain information to serve as a basis for further engineering analysis.

Veritech engineers utilize a vast array of scientific instruments to gather and analyze data from site inspections. Principle among these is our 3-dimensional laser survey equipment, also known as a digital “total station” survey instrument. This device allows for the precise, three-dimensional measurement and documentation of features and evidence associated with accident sites. The acquired survey data is processed and analyzed using advanced CAD modeling software to create accident site drawings.  Typical features included in a site survey are roadway profiles, highway markings and 3-dimensional terrain mapping.  These surveyed elements provide the basis for many of the measurements used in the accident reconstruction process such as roadway width and the location and length of tire skid marks and roadway gouges.  In addition, Veritech engineers utilize the 3-dimensional data to construct mesh surfaces and create a digital representation of the actual terrain.  The terrain is then incorporated into our analysis to add accuracy and validity to our dynamic computerized vehicle simulations.  The vehicle simulations can then be combined with photo-realistic, 3 Dimensional environments to create compelling visual graphics and animations.  In addition to accident site documentation, the total station survey instrument can also be used to measure complex vehicle damage profiles for advanced crush-energy speed calculations.

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