Accident Reconstruction

Accident Reconstruction by Licensed Professional Engineers

Veritech’s engineers are highly experienced in the science of accident reconstruction. We understand that accidents are a fact of life and unfortunately happen with significant frequency. Some of these accidents involve motor vehicles while others involve industrial equipment and machinery. Veritech engineers have investigated and analyzed thousands of accidents from low-speed single vehicle accidents to multi-car pile ups on busy highways. We understand that each accident has unique circumstances so we utilize the latest accident reconstruction technology, such as crash data downloaded from a vehicle’s “black box” and sophisticated 3-dimensional computer simulation software, to reach accurate and defendable conclusions.

Veritech understands our client’s need to know what happened in an accident and why. Our engineers are experienced at providing insightful, reliable consultation to ensure that our clients fully understand all of the events surrounding an accident. A complete understanding of the accident scenario allows our clients to make informed decisions regarding the direction of their case. In addition to explaining what happened in an accident, we can also assist in understanding what could have been done to reduce the severity of the accident or prevent the accident entirely. Veritech Engineers pride themselves in taking the complex dynamics of an accident and presenting them in a clear and understandable manner to our clients, opposing counsel and ultimately to a jury. Our clients can rest assured knowing that our engineers will provide honest and reliable testimony and that our engineer’s opinions will be based upon a thorough analysis of the available evidence and the application of well accepted scientific principles.  Veritech’s engineers have been qualified in state and federal courts around the country to provide expert testimony in numerous areas related to accident reconstruction, failure analysis and driver response.

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Veritech Engineering employs experienced, licensed Professional Engineers who provide forensic engineering analysis and expert testimony in the areas of: