NHTSA Website Lists Vehicle Recalls

Manufacturers who determine that their product or piece of original equipment either has a safety defect or is not in compliance with Federal safety standards are required to notify the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) within 5 business days. NHTSA requires that manufacturers file a Defect and Noncompliance report as well as quarterly recall status reports, in compliance with Federal Regulation 49 Part 573, which identifies the requirements for safety recalls. Visit NHSTA’s Safercar.gov website where you can search for recalls, file a complaint and sign up to receive email alerts for the latest recalls. Not all manufacturing or design defects are listed in the NHTSA recall database.  Often times product defects cause or contribute to accidents which result in serious injuries or death.  Veritech Engineers investigate accidents and failures, in part, to determine if there was a product defect associated with the cause of the incident.  Veritech’s staff of Professional Engineers work on a consulting basis to evaluate and investigate incidents involving mechanical systems and designs.

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