How Does Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction Work?

At this point, most people have heard of the “black box” or flight data recorder that is used to reconstruct the details of an airplane accident. (But did you know that despite the nickname, these FDRs are not black at all, but are actually painted a bright orange for easier visibility after a crash? Many people also know that semi-trucks and passenger cars also have their own version of an accident recorder. These devices make it much easier to know exactly what happened in an accident. They are used by the NTSB and any other agencies looking into the accident, as well as attorneys who might be representing any involved party in a lawsuit. But what kind of forensic engineering is available in motorcycle accidents? There’s no black box recording speed, or even who hit who. For motorcycle accidents, it’s beneficial to have someone who’s an expert in motorcycle operation, construction, and dynamics to examine any physical evidence. An investigation into the causes and circumstances surrounding a motorbike accident focuses on three phases: 1. The braking stage 2. The sliding phase 3. The impact phase Every detail of the evidence is taken into consideration, including any skid marks, the state of the road’s surface, the weather conditions, and the damage sustained by the motorcycle. Damage to any other vehicles or property involved is considered an important part of the evidence as well. Along with an inspection of the accident scene, accident reconstruction experts may perform brake tests, performance tests, and even visibility studies when necessary, in the course of their investigations. Accidents happen quickly. For every person who says they saw their accident happening “in slow motion,” there are many others for whom it occurs so quickly, they cannot offer any good information about exactly what happened. Even if there are witnesses, their testimony about an accident is frequently quite varied, as we each perceive and remember things very differently. Therefore, the role of an expert motorcycle accident reconstructionist is vital to really understanding what happened.

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