Kawasaki Releases 295-hp Sportbike

After much speculation, patent discussion and a month-long Internet teaser campaign, Kawasaki finally pulled the wraps on its stunning H2-R hyperbike.  The H2-R features a supercharged 998cc inline-four, which Kawasaki claims produces 295 horsepower, and is rumored to have a top speed in excess of 210 mph.  Kawasaki is reportedly releasing the H2R as a “track only” model and is therefore able to bypass the 186 mph “gentleman’s agreement” for road legal machines.  The huge engine power is courtesy of a centrifugal supercharger developed using Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ extensive experience in building aircraft and power generation turbines. While the engine definitely takes center stage, the rest of the chassis is equally unusual, featuring a steel trellis design that Kawasaki states provided the best compromise between strength and compactness. A single-sided swingarm in aluminum is also a new direction for Kawasaki. The forks feature all three external adjustments on the fork cap and an Öhlins steering damper provides a measure of control.  To maintain maximum traction, racing slicks are fitted from the factory. Surrounding the H2-R is a carbon fiber body featuring aggressive winglets, a huge air intake tract for the supercharger and a black chrome surface finish. Developed with help from Kawasaki’s Aerospace Company, the extreme measures taken to control and direct airflow will likely be nothing short of necessary to provide stability for such a compact and powerful sportbike.  Kawasaki test rider and racer, Jeremy Toye, uploaded a photo of the H2R to his Instagram account, saying: ‘I went 210mph on it today. The wings really work.’  The photo has since been taken down. It is expected that in approximately 1 month Kawasaki will be pulling the wraps off the street version, the H2. Details such as pricing, boost levels, weight of either the H2-R or H2 are still pending, but Kawasaki has clearly established a new high-water mark for high performance motorcycling. For pictures, testing videos and more information click the link to Kawasaki’s official site.

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