CPSC considers banning ATV passengers

CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) said that ATV-related fatalities continue to be one of the largest categories of consumer product-related deaths, despite various activities addressing ATV safety instituted since the 1980s, including rulemakings, recalls, consumer education, litigation and media outreach. CPSC has issued a Request for Information (RFI) and invites interested parties to provide feedback on:
  • The prevalence of passenger use and the reasons why passengers ride on ATVs;
  • Potential means of preventing passengers from being carried on ATVs not intended for that purpose;
  • Potential impacts of these requirements on the utility of ATVs; and
  • Possible changes to ATV design that would prevent passenger use and whether such changes would be translated into a performance standard.
The RFI seeks to gather information that will add to agency data on quantifying passenger locations in fatal incidents. “Staff’s data do not provide information on passenger location during normal, non-incident use. In addition, CPSC data contain little information about aftermarket use of passenger seats or information about the need of ATV drivers to carry passengers,” the agency noted. CPSC seeks data and information on the prevalence of passengers riding ATVs, the purchase and use of aftermarket seats, and the feasibility of a performance standard that would restrict or forbid carrying passengers. CPSC reviews of incident reports and other studies demonstrates that passengers ride in multiple locations on ATVs, including on cargo racks, and in front and behind the operator. Passengers account for about 25 percent of ATV injuries, the agency said. A recent pilot study of ATV-related fatalities found that of 502 reported incidents involving more than one rider on an ATV, more than 80 percent involved two riders, a driver and a passenger. . Around 10 percent of passenger-related fatal incidents involved more than two riders (i.e. a driver and two or more passengers). When two or more passengers were involved, a passenger was more likely to be fatally injured, according to CPSC. Veritech Consulting Engineering specializes in the reconstruction and analysis of motor vehicle accidents, with a specific specialty in ATV and UTV accident reconstruction.  If you are an attorney looking for an expert with a case involving an ATV or UTV please contact Veritech’s ATV expert, Mark Kittel, P.E. to discuss the specifics of your case. 303-660-4395

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